Safeguarding Our Kids Online

The tales we listen to on tv as well as see in the papers concerning youngsters being abducted right under the noses of moms and dads are deeply frightening. And the sad part of it all, it can all start on the online! The Internet is like the wild west out there. The laws and regulations online are still pretty new and in most cases, won’t be enough to keep our kids from being attacked by offenders online. Regulating the world online is not as easy as it seems and it’s just one of those things that law enforcement finds it hard to get a handle on.

The internet has indeed become part of our lives. Accessibility of various social channels through digital gadgets such as our phones, laptops, and other devices has allowed our children to be exposed to a plethora of unfamiliar people pretty much on a daily basis. Children can enter chat rooms, make use of social networking sites like Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, and etc. easily being exposed to all sorts of nonsense and filth if parents neglect to monitor them.

It’s our public duty to help law enforcement as well as aid them by teaching our kids about the dangers of cyberstalkers and bullies. We need to tell our kids not to engage with unfamiliar people online just as we would tell them not to talk to strangers in public. Cyberstalkers are creative. They are good at making kids feel like they’re safe online so that they can gain their trust. Once the trust is gained, that’s when they’ll make their move to try and trick your child into meeting in real life.

By working with law enforcement as well as education, we can begin to safeguard our kids online. Remember, by maintaining open lines of communication with our own children, we can certainly make it tougher for the cyberstalkers to gain access to our kids. Cyberstalkers are smart, so we as parents, guardians, and kid protectors must make certain our kids comprehend and know the dangers that are lurking online.

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