I Am A Kid Protector

I am a protector of children. The future of the world we all live in is ultimately in the hands of our younger generation. It is my duty to make sure that they are cared for. Saving them from harm and child predators implies prolonging the sanctity of the human race.

Safeguarding our children’s souls and spirits is just another way we can re-assure them of their greatness in this world. And in so doing, we show them that they are precious and worthy.

I encourage and motivate kids to go after their dreams and desires in life. Whenever I sense a kid who may be conflicted with feelings of self-doubt or is skeptical about their capabilities, it’s my job to encourage them. By sharing positive words of affirmation, instilling love and courage allows me to contribute and be an advocate of their healthy self-image.

As a parent, I will fuel my kids with both self-confidence and give them the knowledge that they were fearfully and wonderfully made. Let God’s words be an inspiration and encouragement to motivate their lives.

Protecting kids means more than just emotional support but keeping them from physical harm as well. Whenever I see indications of child abuse, it’s my duty to report it to the proper authorities. Although I am just a civilian, it is my obligation to make sure that our young ones are protected and removed from dangerous environments.

As part of my social responsibility, it’s my duty to contribute my time as well as my resources to organizations that are put in place to protect our kids.

Being around other people whose focus and purpose are to care for our young ones is nothing short of inspiring. Their examples give me the drive to be active in my initiatives to care for these impressionable minds.

Today, the kids of the world are as much mine as they are their moms and dads’. I am proud to offer my services to elevate awareness regarding the predicaments of kids from various countries. It really feels great to be their voice when so many of them go unheard.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What lessons will I share with my children about protecting them?
2. Which charity for the protection of kids will I support?
3. In what ways do I look after the young ones in my own community?

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